Wine tank
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What we do

We Specialized in Sprayed in place Polyurethane Foam insulated Storage Tank Insulation, cold storages and water proofing.


Wine tank Insulation & Coating reduces remarkably the cost of cooling or heating during the fermentation process of the wine at the optimal level even though extreme temperature during summer or winter.

The coating of the wine tanks  will help reduce variations in temperature.

Also, insulation coating will reduce heating of wine tank surfaces and lower cooling costs by 25-35% during peak periods and 10-15% overall according to aplications on building envelopes and other structures. For cold regions, insulation coating helps keep tank temperatures high enough to maintain the fermentation process.


Why We Use Polyurethane Foam? 


 One of the keys to proper wine containment is the use of fine, long-lasting materials. Our company is proud to use Polyurethane Foam, a general purpose, flame-retardant and cellular product. This top-quality material has been tested to determine its superior qualities in the face of ignitability, flame propagation, heat release and smoke release.

Foam Insulation – Winery Tanks



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