It’s a homeowner’s dream to find the most efficient and most cost-effective solution when it comes to the roof above their head. If there is a major cause in the premature deterioration of a home, it is due to poor insulation. We all want comfort, we all want to live conveniently. What better way to make this possible than to resort to the proper home insulation available.

When it comes to home insulation; spray foam insulation is a cut above the rest. If you are looking for infallible protection, efficient thermal regulation, and excellent home comfort, get spray foam insulation. Dig deeper and read on to learn more about the wonder that is spray foam insulation.

What is Spray Foam Insulation
Spray foam insulation has been around since the 1940s. It was primarily used for aircraft in the past years. It is just recently that spray foam insulation rose to popularity. Because of the long-term benefits, thermal comfort, and efficiency it offers, spray foam insulation is now used on residential and commercial construction.

SPF or Spray polyurethane foam is the other term used for spray foam insulation because it used polyurethane in forming your home’s airtight barrier. Spray polyurethane foam offers high R-value per inch and it can withstand heat at high levels.

If you are looking for efficient ways to reduce energy costs by providing building an air-tight feel, spray foam insulation offers that. The use of foam outperforms fiberglass batt insulation. Spray foam is mostly favored by modern builders and architects due to their versatility and maximized utilization of spaces.

Spray foam is more than just for decorative purposes, it is also very practical to use. It can just as easily cover an attic space. It can extend up to 10 times it original since to fill up every nook, corner, and cranny of an attic. In addition, it is also efficient in the reduction of moisture build-up and in the prevention of formation of mildew.

There are two general types of SPF. These are:
One-part foam – This is manufactured in pressurized cans. This can be bought in local hardware stores. It offers excellent home insulation by its amazing adhesive feature that guarantees and airtight-sealed attic.
Two-part foam – this is made of a combination of resin and catalyst. This expands when mixed together so it can cover your home’s areas that are hard to reach.
There are two main forms of spray foam namely:
Open cell foam – This foam is used to fill framing cavities. When being sprayed, it is needed to be sprayed thicker.
Closed cell foam – This foam has a higher-R value per square inch. It is not required to be spared as thick to full insulated spaces.
You have to completely seal the envelope to make sure that the spray foam fully insulates. Foam and flame contact can lead to fire dangers. Seal the envelope completely to prevent the potential of air leakage and excess heat loss and gain. If there are gaps present, it can also lead to humid air coming into the room that might increase the risk or water damage, condensation problem, and mold.

Perform a blower door test in the initial construction to ensure the seal quality. You can easily correct mistakes if you perform the test before the drywall installation. You can also test the sealing of the entire envelope by using fog machines.

Polyurethane spray foam is combustible. There is a flame retardant mixed in the foam but it can only slow down the spread of flames and limit it. When the foam is burned, it can create combustible gasses. A dangerous flashover can occur should the foam ignite ate an enclosed area. If a fire should start, ignition barriers will prevent the initial fore while the thermal barriers will take care of delaying and inhibiting the spread of fire to give occupants increased chance to escape.

In conclusion, using spray foam insulation has many benefits. It is a trusted choice among roofers for many reasons. Spray foam insulation is an effective air barrier that can fill the smallest to largest of cavities and holes. If you are looking for effective thermal insulation, spray foam is the best solution.

Spray foam insulation certainly does not only offer a cozy interior, but it also guarantees high energy cost savings, premier protection, and unrivaled comfort.


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